About Dan's Re"NEW"al

2016 NEWS -- Now servicing Naples Florida and surrounding area!!

Free Inspections & Estimates-Monthly Service-Fiberglass, Acrylic & Porcelain Repairs Cleaning & Restoring Tubs-Mechanical Repairs of Whirlpools Hotels-Motels-Convalescent Homes-Condominiums

Dan's Re"NEW"al is a family-owned business dedicated to excellence in service and quality in workmanship. We are known throughout NEW ENGLAND for fiberglass-acrylics and porcelain bath tub repairs, restorations, and the refinishing of shower stalls, whirlpools, and bathtubs. We also modify standard fiberglass bathtubs for easy handicap accessibility.

The first and still one of our most important clients is Plimpton & Hills Corp, Harford, CT. For the past fourteen years we have helped Plimpton & Hills with their fiberglass-repair needs.